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Animation at the End of Cinema
Éditeur :   YYZBOOKS, Images Festival, Ottawa International Animation Festival
Sous la direction de : Chris Gehman, Steve Reinke
Auteur(s) : Chris Gehman, Steve Reinke, Norman M Klein, Lev Manovich, Zoe Beloff, Morishita Akihiko, Rosalind Krauss, Laura U Marks, David Clark, Lia Gangiatano, Tess Takahashi, Pierre Hébert, Tom Sherman, Stéphane Maxwell, Allan Schindler,John Sobol, Libby Hague, Jude Norris, Louis Klahr, Daniel Cockburn, Bart Testa, Steven Woloshen, Percy Fuentes, Daniel Barrow, Siebren Versteeg, Oliver Hockenhull, Jim Trainor
Anglais, 288 pages, ill. n/b, index, 2005
ISBN :  0-920397-32-8

Disponible uniquement en anglais

Today when even the most realistic scenes in films may be digitally manipulated, animation, where many special effects were pioneered takes on a new significance.

The animated image is prolifering outside of movie theatres -on the Web, cell phones, television, video billboards, and at art galleries. The renewed importance of animation in the digital age has been recognized by artists, designers, critics, and theorists alike. This ground-breaking anthology brings contemporary theoretical thinking about animation together with writings by and about important independent artists who use animation in a variety of contexts.

Etiquettes : the, sharpest, point, cinéma, art, vidéo