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Series :   LES ÉTUDES
Publisher :   Dazibao
Publication editor  : France Choinière
Author(s) : David Tomas
Texts in English, 367 pages including many schemas and reproductions, 2004
ISBN :  978-2-922135-21-3

Dedicated to innovative or hybrid work in whose genesis photography is present, Les éditions Dazibao endeavours to be a privileged site for thinking about photography and its singular ties to other disciplines, or for connecting literature and photography. LES ÉTUDES allows an author to investigate in depth a subject or an artist\\\'s practice.

The mesmerizing power that the photograph has exercised over our collective imagination has created a situation in which it is hard to imagine other forms for images and image-making activities that might emerge through a reassessment of photography\\\'s position in the world of picture-making technologies. Not limited to photography\\\'s historical or contemporary rehabilitation, this consideration can also change the way that we conceive, construct, use or adapt new technologies, inasmuch as they are structured in a similar way (optical imaging and recording technology) or are conceived and operate within a photographic paradigm of realism (naturalistic and lifelike simulations in the case of digital pictures).

A Blinding Flash of Light presents an unusual model of photography, and traces its elaboration and transformation over a twenty-five year period. In doing so, it also raises questions about the nature and forms of knowledge that might exist between disciplines. For the model of photography proposed is informed by a number of distinct disciplines such as anthropology, art, and the history and sociology of science.

David Tomas is an artist and writer. He has exhibited internationally and has held visiting research and teaching fellowships at CalArts, Goldsmiths College, London, and the National Gallery of Canada. Tomas is the author of three books: Transcultural Space and Transcultural Beings, an Internet book entitled The Encoded Eye, the Archive, and its Engine House, DUCTION (co-authored with Michèle Thériault), and Beyond the Image Machine: A History of Visual Technologies.

Tags: blinding, flash, light, essays, theory, art