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Series Exhibition catalogue
Publisher :   Dazibao
Publication editor  : France Choinière
Author(s) : Shauna Beharry
Artist(s) : Marie-France Brière and Barbara Claus
English and French, I28 pages, 2000
ISBN :  978-2-922135-12-1

As part of this collaborative series begun in 1997, and again with the idea of promoting fertile encounters between artists of different outlooks, Dazibao has asked Marie-France Brière and Barbara Claus to do a joint exhibition and publication. Departing from their respective practices, the artists have decided to make use of their encounter with one another to explore the repetition of certain familial actions and myths. Emerging from a stratification of memories, one marked here and there by lapses and gaps, are works that appeal to the visual and the tactile and images that play upon or blend the personal histories of both artists. This book is intended as an autonomous work that complements the exhibition, as opposed to documenting it. The work includes a poem by Shauna Beharry.

Tags: blancs, artists, writings