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Black Masters Jody Barton

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Black Masters is a book of 'master drawings' in the same way that musicians used to have 'master tapes' of a music recording. Together the collection of drawings makes for an in-depth look at all the obsessions, wit and investigative zeal into language that characterises Jody's work. The book comprises 600+ drawings from the past 7 years, organised in stylistic themes over 168 pages. Most of these drawings have never been published before.

Jody is an English artist and illustrator who uses words and images combined together in stark, humorous, mostly black and white drawings. His work is often motivated by very personal themes and his love of black humour and wordplay. If you visited his studio then you'd find a very large quantity of neatly organised sketchbooks and large piles of 1000's of A4 marker pen drawings along with up to 200 black marker pens laid out on his glass topped lightbox.

168 Pages, 16.8 x 26 cm, b/w Print on Demand, First Edition, 2010.







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