Artiste(s) Candie Tanaka
Éditeur Artspeak
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Candie Tanaka : No sound is dissonant which tells of life

Candie Tanaka

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In this audio project, Candie Tanaka has layered, manipulated and digitally edited 'real world' sounds from an urban environment into discrete soundtracks. These soundtracks are then inserted as unexplained artworks into the voice messaging systems of individuals and a range of cultural institutions. Working with the conventions of film scores, but independent of their linear visual narrative, this audio work challenges the fabrication of time and stimulates the resonance of aural memory through the creation of unsettling imaginative spaces. This work subverts the communications systems of the institutions and domestic spaces, slipping through their points of public access to play with the intimacy of sound, confounding the expectation of the listener and placing them within the vast archive of free floating information. This CD contains both the out-going recorded message of the recipients and the soundtrack messages left behind. The bookwork lists the date, time and location fo the audio interventions and is illustrated with graphics by Jen Eby.

CD, 2002


Candie Tanaka





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